May 19, 2020

Hello Friends,

Excited to announce the release of my new single "More Of Your Love" with DJ Taz Rashid. I like to play the "More of Your Love" during the peak section of a yoga class. The song features beautiful piano melodies and chords mixed with mid-tempo beats and...

May 13, 2020

Excited to announce the release of my new single "In the Moment" with DJ Taz Rashid.

Listen Here

May 5, 2020

Hello Friends! Excited to announce a new collaboration with my friend DJ Taz Rashid. Today, we are releasing our first single "Awake My Soul" off of our forthcoming album "Unite." "Awake My Soul" is great for the peak section of a yoga class and mixes electronic music...

May 4, 2020

Hello friends! Excited to announce the release of my new album “Elevation." The album features a wide array of genres such as downtempo, chill-trap, mid-tempo, house and ambient. This variety makes "Elevation" great for yoga, dancing, chillaxing and meditation. "Elevat...

May 4, 2020

Come join me for my weekly live-streams hosted by Live Kick. I will be DJing for some of my favorite yoga teachers!

Tuesdays 10:45 AM PT with Celest Pereira

Saturdays 10 AM PT with Mary Beth Larue

Sundays 9 AM PT Amplified Yoga

Special Events

5.17: 12 PM PT: One Love Moveme...

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